Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why One Should Never Take Two Young Boys Into a Craft Store Without a Shopping Cart

Yesterday was Civil Rights Day.  Handsome Husband did not have the day off, but Mr. One did.  I decided to take advantage of the freedom from babysitting and get a bunch of errands run.

First stop, Albertsons for laundry detergent, then pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, and head over to Sprouts for some produce.  I am lucky that I have boys that love shopping.  The first round of errands ran smoothly and items I needed were, happily, in stock.

Next stop, Grammie's house for lunch and a rest...

After being fed and rested up, we headed over to "Wally World" for a few items.  Did I bring the receipt for the chap stick I needed to return?  Of course not.  Drat.  At least I found wet wipes in stock, and finally put an ancient roll of film in to develop, so half the mission accomplished.

Then, feeling good still, I decided to brave Michaels for one "quick" item to purchase.  I thought, why get a shopping cart, we can just run in quickly and get what we need.  Well, I did get the item I needed, and used a 50% off coupon for the small $3.00 item (yes, I am that frugal...).  After a smirk from the checkout person for being so cheap, we exited the store.

As I was walking out to the car, Mr. One found a pencil set on deep discount in the bins outside the store.  (Did I mention I'm a sucker for a good deal?)  Well, we had to reenter the store to buy the pencils.  It was at this point, I remembered that they were running a great deal on scrapbook paper.  I should have gotten a cart at this point.  Again, confident we could complete a second trip into the craft store without incident, we walked to the scrapbooking isle.

Why do stores put glitter and scrapbook paper on the same isle?  To tempt two year olds, that is why, my friends.  So, needless to say, Mr. Two found the $10.00 Martha Stewart glitter and promptly dumped it along the isle.  He looked like he'd been fairy dusted, with an impish smile on his face, while his older brother announced, half horrified, half amused, that he had found the glitter.

With cheap pencils and paper in hand, we sheepishly went to find an employee.  I offered to pay for the outrageously overpriced glitter.  Thankfully, she kindly declined my offer.  (Be still, my frugal heart!)

Two trips later, I left with a headache, a glittered two year old, a tired 4 year old, a 20 cent package of Cars pencils, 10 sheets of scrapbook paper (for 20 cents each), and $2.99 lollipop baggies (that I only paid $1.50 for).

Then, would you believe I actually took this glittered crew to a fabric store (gotta love a sale...)?  However, the first thing I did when we got out of the car was search for a cart to strap Mr. Glittery Two in.  Ditto for the grocery store trip.  (I was lucky to find a double seater cart there!) I may not always be so smart, but I like to think I learn from past mistakes.
I ended our Civil Rights Day feeling exhausted, but grateful for a day to get so much done. (And even more grateful for a previously made container of cheesy potato soup for dinner.)  Oh, and thank goodness for shopping carts!

Lesson learned:  Do not attempt to enter any craft store with children without a shopping cart, especially when you are outnumbered! 

And, beware that the pricey glitter that is so attractive to two year olds most likely will not have a safety seal...


  1. if ever there was a story that deserved pictures...

  2. Blame it on my cheap cell phone camera. I wanted to get a picture, but glitter doesn't photograph well.