Monday, May 3, 2010

Cards, Anyone?

Do your kiddos love to play card games?

Do they get frustrated with not being able to fan out and hold the cards like the grown ups do?

Do you have any plastic lids hanging around?

Here's your solution, a little tip I picked from a teacher friend:

Take two alike lids and trace a line of hot glue (or use duct tape) along the center of one lid.

Place second lid on tip, with the lips of the lids facing out, and you have an instant card holder.

Just slide the cards between the two lids!

Mr. One loves this little gadget!

Uno or Go Fish anyone!?

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  1. What a great idea!!! {Visiting from Abc123}

  2. That is a GREAT idea! We play card games all the time with the kids during dinner. I will have to make some of these! Thanks!

  3. That's brilliant!
    I am ashamed to say I don't own a glue gun, but I think it's going to become a necessary investment because they are so useful!

  4. I just have to thank you for making our card games more enjoyable! This is such a simple idea - but so brilliant at the same time! I blogged about the one I made because I'm so smitten with it and included a link back here. Thanks again!