Monday, June 21, 2010

Tender Mercies- The Minivan Edition Continued

Our van was totaled on a Tuesday.  We started fretting about how in the world we were going to find another car.  In our budget.  Quickly. We got confirmation it was a total loss on a Friday.  We received a check to cover the van and the three car seats the next Wednesday.   We purchased our new van the following Monday.

Heavenly Father answers prayers.

We found a new van.  It's another 2004 silver Honda Odyssey.  It's a bit nicer than the one we had before.  We found it on Craig's List (thank you Garrett for the tip!) being sold by the original owner.  She had just posted it when Mike went on the computer to look and it was right in our price range.  We took a test drive the next day, and made an offer.  We are so blessed and so grateful that this stressful situation actually turned into a blessing.

Now we just need to come up with a name for our new vehicle.  I think I shall call her Minnie.  Or maybe it's a he.  How about Homer?  You know, since it's an Odyssey.  Hmmm......

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  1. already got you beat 12 years ago on the odyssey references with telemachus.