Monday, July 12, 2010

Bear With Me...

I realize that it has been a while since I've posted.  Let's just say that in the past 12 days, we have trekked across three states, visited the beach, the desert, the mountains, and the Happiest Place on Earth.  We have survived several storms, and an earthquake.  We've driven on a primitive, rain-soaked bypass road (because the highway was washed out...).  We've laughed, we've visited, we've explored, we've prayed, we've cried.  We're happy to be home.

Give me a few days, as I find my through this (and this is just a fraction of it),

and this (thank you pressurized lotion squirted all over my travel bag),

and this (this is after the rain and you don't even want to see the inside...),

and this (at least I managed a quick run to the store for some milk, juice and bread between treks).

Don't fret, there will be some great tales to tell.  But for now, all I'm thinking about is spending some quality time resting here.
Until then...

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