Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School Sweet Tradition

After dinner on the first day of school, we took the boys out for a sweet treat and an opportunity to sit and recount their day. We went to Bahama Bucks (a long time favorite spot) and got shaved ice.

We ate away and chatted about our day. Mr. One had lots to say about kindergarten. Mr. Two chimed in and shared his day as the "big boy" in the house. Mr. Three took a nap. Mike and I loved listening. New friends. New school. New teacher. New routines. New found freedom to play without interruption for Mr. Two...

It was so great to go somewhere and share a special treat together. I think this tradition's a keeper!


  1. That is a great tradition to start. I always notice that my little ones share more about their day when they are sitting around the table with us and a special treat:)

  2. definitely a great tradition! and even more special that you chose a family favorite spot! Thanks for sharing - visiting from abc&123