Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jumping Frogs

I found a set of 24 plastic jumping frogs at The Dollar Tree last week, and couldn't resist.  We had lots of fun just making them hop around the house.  Mr. Three giggles whenever we get them to jump very far.  Here's a little activity we did with our frogs.

I marked each section of a plastic tray with a number, ones on the outside sections, and two on the middle section.  Each person chose a frog color, then we took turns making them hop.  Then we counted out our points, zero for any frogs that hopped outside of the tray, one point for each frog in the outer sections and double points for any that landed in the center.  Simple and fun. 

If making the frogs hop is too difficult for your little one, try standing up and dropping them into the tray placed on the floor, then adding up the points.


Try and jump the frogs onto the blue felt "pond" for a simpler variation as well.

These little hoppers are great for sorting (try using tongs or a spoon to transfer them) and patterning as well.

Or just have fun playing with them any way you wish!

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  1. Love the frogs. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and learning activities. You're awesome!