Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wrist Wallets

Before heading off to the Magical Kingdom at Thanksgiving last year, I decided I wanted to make something for my boys for the trip that would serve a dual purpose.  I wanted something they could put their little treasures or money in, where they would be secure, and I also wanted to give them emergency information in the case that they become separated from us at the parks. 

I found this tutorial at A Lemon Squeezy Home and knew that my boys would love them.  I let them pick out the inner fabric and their zipper color and chose the navy chevrons for the exposed side.  Then, I added a muslin label inside, where I wrote their names and our cell phone numbers with a Sharpie.  That way, they could contact us quickly in an emergency, but it was hidden from anyone else's view.  The boys loved them and happily wore them into the park.

 Of course, Mr. Three quickly tired of something on his wrist and kept pulling it off.  Mr. Three was the one we were most concerned about, only being 2 at the time and prone to clamming up around strangers.  Enter the light blue sharpie that my sister in law was smart in bringing in her bag.  Solution?  Just write his name and our cell number on his upper arm, under his shirt sleeve.  The light blue was easier to wash off at the end of the day. 

So, lots of work, or little work at all, I had my kiddos covered.  Thankfully, they all stayed together, so they didn't need those handy numbers after all.:)  Now they have a fun little cuff to wear and stow their treasures any time.  They will come in handy on future trips, I'm sure.

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