Monday, June 15, 2009

Celebrating Independence, Part 2

In a past post, I celebrated Number One's newly found independence. Well, Number Two is not to be outdone in the independence area (even though he is much younger...) Here is his first "declaration of independence".

For all of you that know my Ben, you know that he has basically been attached to my hip since day one. Literally. This is the baby that had to be held all waking hours. If put down, he would scream and cry until picked up again. I am not talking the sweet, petite whimper of a newborn, I am talking about the screaming, "you are ruining my childhood" desperation cry. It's not pretty. It was guilt inducing and maddening. It would last for a full 45 minutes if I were trying to put together a dinner. As soon as I picked him up, it would be rainbows and sunshine immediately. At 18 months, he still wants to be held, but really enjoys being on his own more now. I never thought the day would come where he would actually run away from me...

Never say never.

I should have known this was coming. He was beginning to get a mischievous glint in his eye as I would try to dress him in the morning. Sometimes he'd run off, laughing, to avoid clothes. It was only natural that this little taste of freedom would spill into other venues.

During church a few Sundays ago, all was (relatively) quiet. Ben was playing in the aisle in the back of the chapel. I didn't think much of it, after all, this is the child who needs to be within eyesight or touching distance of me at all times. Then, he started getting a bit further away. Then I saw that little glimmer in his eye. I braced myself. I fiercely whispered, "No, no, come here honey!"

Like that ever works.

Then, in a bold step, he took off. He ran. He laughed. He made it all the way to the front of the church. I was terrified he might make it to the pulpit. I had to chase him. That little stinker is FAST! I snatched him up and luckily he didn't start shrieking. I think we provided some great entertainment for the members. I heard several snickers and saw a few "I've been there" grins. Thank goodness most people in the church understand that sometimes a little boy just needs to express his independence.

Part of me was saying, "That naughty little boy!" I have to admit that another (much smaller) part of me was saying, "Way to go!" I want my kids to have wings to try new things and to run on their own. I guess I just have to work on teaching them WHEN and WHERE it is appropriate to spread those wings and give them a trial run.

*Note: All of the beautiful pics were taken by my super-talented sister Sarah. The girl has a gift! Thank you Sarah.*


  1. He is growing so fast, can't believe he is 18 months. Such a cute boy.

  2. Yep, that sounds like Benjamin. ;)

  3. How funny! We are very familiar with "mischievous glints" at our house! What a cute story, and what a cute little boy!

  4. This story is so sweet - I sort of miss those days of fledging independence. Luckily, they still need us... always.

  5. i like that the first picture in a post titled "celebrating independence" is ben behind bars. so *that's* how you celebrate it... :P