Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bat Bunting

I love Halloween.  Not the gruesome and dark Halloween, but the kid friendly, fun Halloween.  Bring on the pumpkins and bats.  Bring on the spiders and glitter and costumes.  That's my kind of Halloween.  I have been seeing all kinds of buntings and banners around blogland.  This is my Halloween interpretation.  A Bat Bunting.

I didn't take pictures as I went along, but it is a simple project, even without the pics.

You will need:

black felt
Halloween ribbon (I used about 3 yards)
cardstock bat patterns
sewing machine

My handsome husband came up with the bat outlines (he's creative and helpful like that).  The two larger bats are approximately 2" by 5" and the smaller outlines are about 1.5" by 4".

I pinned the bat outlines on my felt and cut (and cut and cut...), ending up with 26 bats.  I made sure to cut an even number of each kind so that I could double them up when I sewed my bunting.  This made 13 bat pairs.  (Isn't that a perfect Halloween-ish number?)

Next, I paired up the bats and sandwiched them between my length of ribbon.  I scattered them randomly and angled them on the ribbon to give the banner a more organic feel.  When I was happy with the arrangement, I pinned the bat sandwiches in between the ribbon and sewed around the bats.
Don't worry about perfect sewing here, that's the beauty of using black felt and thread. 

Now, the only thing I have to worry about is where to hang these cute bats...
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  1. I would make construction paper bats with the kids and we would glue cloths pins to the back and clip them onto the curtains.

  2. Halloween already?!! Gee, where does the time go? Like since we last talked! I'm coming to the great state next weekend; however, I'll only be there for a couple days, so I'm not sure we can get together... We'll see, though! (Cute bats, by the way!)