Monday, September 20, 2010

Letters to Zach

Lately, Mr. One has really been into writing. Yesterday, he wrote this letter to his Uncle who is in Brazil on a mission. I had to post it before we mailed it off.

I'll translate for those of you who don't read "kindergarten". The first page is a joke:
who's there
owls who
you're right
yes yes

(Get it, owls whoo...)

The second page says:
I love you uncle zach

How precious is this?

The next writing is a recipe. Earlier this summer, I was in the kitchen making something and Mr. One was interested in the recipes. I gave him an index card and encouraged him to write his own recipe.

It says "clown pie" (he spelled it claown piy) then a bunch of writing-like scribbles.

When I asked him what the rest of the recipe said, he told me that you can't read it because it's written in Italian!


  1. So glad you saved this and that you can translate for us. I kind of figured some of it out but needed a little help. Zach is going to love this!

  2. He speaks Italian?! What a genius. This post made Daniel and I laugh.

  3. Italian?! That's hilarious! I wonder where he got that idea? :)

  4. i'm a little worried about myself that i had no trouble reading what he wrote.