Monday, February 7, 2011

Nerdy Activities

Mr. One and Mr. Two love Nerds.  In fact, I discovered that Nerds are Mr. Two's currency.  I used them to encourage him to use the potty (one small handful of Nerds for using the toilet) and it worked like a charm.

Here's another fun way to use Nerds with your tot.

Nerd Sorting.

I put a small amount of Rainbow Nerds onto a plastic plate and gave Mr. Two an ice cube tray.  We then placed one Nerd of each color in a compartment of the ice cube tray.  Then I let him sort away.

This activity is great sorting practice, color recognition and an exercise in patience.  It takes longer to sort them one at a time.  Because of their small size, this is also a perfect activity to strengthen those fine motor muscles in the hands and fingers.

After sorting, I asked him to compare each compartment and tell me which color had the most and least.

The best part?  Eating them when finished!

After eating his Nerds, he asked for more.  I initially said no.  Mr. Two thought for a minute, then said, "I need to go potty."  He quickly went into the bathroom, "took care of business", then asked for his Nerds for using the toilet.  Smart kid!

*Want to make this an activity bag?  Just throw a box of rainbow Nerds, plastic ice cube tray and small plastic bowl or cup into a gallon ziploc, and you have another ready-to-go activity.

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  1. What a great idea! I'm going to do this with my little ones! Followed over from the show and tell!