Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Love is... Baby Teeth, Quarters and Sharing

On Mother's Day evening, Mr. One pulled out his first loose tooth.  I love that he made sure to brush his teeth before pulling his loose tooth out.  "It needs to be all clean for the tooth fairy," he told me.

He was so excited to stick his tiny tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy to collect, that he had a hard time falling asleep. 

Waking before 6:30 am, he bounced into our room, declaring, "The tooth fairy left me TWO QUARTERS!"  This would have been much more exciting if he could have waited for at least a half an hour longer...

Oh, how I love the magic of childhood!  Believing that sweet fairies can sneak into your room and swap out dainty teeth for shiny quarters...

Then, the real magic of the moment began.

Without so much as missing a beat after his first exclamation, he said, "Oh, I have two quarters!  That means I could get one squeakie for me and one for Mr. Two.  Can I use my tooth fairy quarters for the vending machine at school, Mommy?"  (Do you know about the sqwishies or squinkies or whatever?  They are tiny animals that are made of squishy plastic that are apparently all the rage with little grade schoolers here.  I have to admit that I think they're cute, too.  I loved miniatures when I was in elementary school.)

I adore that he immediately thought of using the second quarter for his little brother and didn't think for one second about just getting two for himself.  It was so simple and selfless and it made me love him even more.  I wish that I could say that my instinct would be to share. 

Oh, the joy on their little faces as he brought two little creatures home, one tiny goat for the toothless wonder himself and one squishy green frog for his little brother.  It made me want to put two quarters under his pillow every night for a week!

Love is unhaltingly sharing your treasures with one you love, just because you want to bring them joy.

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