Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Eve

Easter Eve was quite a dramatic day in the usually sunny Mesa. Instead of a slight breeze and sunny skies, we had rain and cold. 50 degree cold and freezing rain. This is not the April I remember. We huddled around the covered ramadas at the Countryside Park, clinging together while eating our pancake breakfast with the ward. No need for the picnic blankets and sunglasses today. I could see my breath, it was that cold.

Because traditions must carry on, even if the weather refuses to cooperate, we sent the little ones out into the rain to gather their candy-filled eggs. It was the fastest Easter egg hunt ever.

Andrew studied out which ones were the most worthy of going into his basket. Ben enjoyed picking the eggs up and throwing them in his basket. Until he discovered the candy inside. Then, he just wanted to get them open.

The other kids around my boys were swooping around, stuffing as many eggs as they could into their containers. A race. Who could gather the most? That is what I would be doing. I looked into Andrew's basket with dismay and said to Mike,"Why didn't you encourage him to grab more?" My wise husband just looked at me and said, "He was happy doing what he was doing."

My boys were happy with the ones they had. They didn't care that they went home with only 6 eggs, instead of dozens. They were enjoying the experience and choosing only what they wanted. They were happy with what they had and they didn't care if anyone else had more than they did. Maybe this is a lesson I need to learn from them. Why is it that my boys are always teaching me? I guess I'm not the only teacher in my family.

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