Friday, June 3, 2011

Cupboard Capers

Yesterday we jumped back on the cleaning wagon, starting with the kitchen cupboards.  The boys giggled as I let them actually get inside the the cupboards to clean.  This may have defeated the purpose, with little feet planted on the shelves, but I tricked them into thinking cleaning is a grand adventure yet again. 

After cleaning, we sat together and read, starting The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary.  This was one of the books Mike enjoyed as a child, and I loved the Ramona books by the same author.

After a successful evening of swim lessons (Mr. One was the only one in his class that night, so he got lots of one on one instruction), we had Summer Chicken Salad (with avocados and cherries) on croissants with watermelon for dinner.  (So. Yummy.)

P.S.- We only cleaned two cupboards before Mr. Three awoke from his (much too short) nap.  Maybe we can actually finish today...


  1. diana, I found a new site you might like.

  2. This looks fun. Maybe they can come over and help with my bottom cupboards. I have a hard time reaching inside them!

  3. Paula, great site. Thanks for the tip.