Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Game On!

Last week, one of our activities was to create some new game boards and play games together.  I have several game board pattern books from teaching.  I had the boys look through the books and choose a game/ game board they wanted to use, then copied them.  I had them switch game boards, so that they worked on making the game for their brother.  They colored and then we played together.

Mr. One liked making Mr. Two's board, but Mr. One wasn't so thrilled with the coloring job that Mr. Two did on his board.  We had to have a talk about being appreciative and encouraging.

Mr. Two's board was simply a matching activity (they matched the same colored and sized frogs on the board).  Mr. One's board was a race track with two lanes that you could play a variety of games on (more on this in another post).  The third board was one I chose, and it was a matching and critical thinking game that I thought would be appropriately challenging for Mr. One (more on this in the next post).  Mr. Three enjoyed a nap while we played.

The boys had so much fun making new games and playing.  We will have to repeat this activity.

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