Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Make a Match Game

Here's details to one of the games we played together during our game day from my previous post:

I found the original idea for this game in this book, to use with the funtastic frogs* bucket.  I have adapted the game to play without a game board and to use more manipulatives.  It can be played as a partner game or with more players (2-4 players would be best).

Take a small handful of frogs and count out 10 frogs.  Put the rest back into the bucket.

The first player places one frog on the table.  The second player has to make a match with one of their own frogs.  You can match them by color or size.

Players continue to match one of their frogs to the last frog played.  If a player does not have a frog to match, their turn is skipped and the next player can match their frog.

Play continues until either both players cannot match any of their remaining frogs or a player matches all of their frogs.

* If you don't have the frogs, don't worry.  You can adapt this game to use a variety of items you have on hand, just make sure that the objects you are using have two attributes that you can match them with.  (Size and shape, color and shape, etc.)  Here are some things you could use:  buttons, colored pasta shapes, plastic beads, or foam shapes.  This was a game that was fun for both my six and three year old to play.

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