Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slip and Slide

We had lots of fun playing on the slip and slide at my parents' house a few weekends ago.

Here's some pics from our fun day.

Mr. One really got into the sliding, surfer style on his shins.  He actually slid on the slip and slide.  The younger set had a harder time figuring this out.

Mr. Two in for a splash down.  You really have to see him in action to get the full effect, but he would run full speed to the slip and slide, jump onto it, stop, and then army crawl his way to the splash pool at the end.  Hilarious!

Mr. Three loved splashing in the water, but didn't really want to slide.  He did enthusiastically shout, "Go! Go!," while the other boys were running and sliding. 

The boys had so much fun playing outside and getting wet with their cousins.  Thanks to Aunt Eva for bringing the slip and slide and setting it up.  It was the perfect hot weather activity!

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  1. Who knew your parents had grass in their yard?