Friday, July 15, 2011

Things that Make Me Giggle

My sister in law Jenny tipped me off to this delightful board book.  Our local library summer reading program gives each child who completes it a free book.  They get to choose it online and then the book choice is shipped to your home.  There's little else more exciting than packages in the mail for little boys.  This book was on the list of board books for Mr. Three.  I happily snatched it up for him.  My boys laughed and laughed as we read this together.  Mike and I had a good chuckle reading it too.  Nothing like a naughty baby to bring giggles in our house.  Seriously, if you have a baby/toddler, you will want this book!

Mr. Two is our most creative dresser.  Here's his latest dress up costume.  I think he told me this was his "caveman outfit."  (Who knew caveman wore scrub pants, firefighter helmets, eye patches on their mouths and super hero capes, and carried a sword and shield?)   How could you not smile at that?!

We are reading our second Beverly Cleary book this summer.  We finished The Mouse and the Motorcycle and are now reading Ribsy.  We all giggled when poor Ribsy had to endure a gigantic violet scented bubble bath. I loved the Ramona books as a young girl and am loving the more "boy-centered" stories now with my children.  Have you seen the movie "Ramona and Beezus"?  It is so adorable!  My whole family enjoyed it.

What's making you giggle this summer?


  1. I loved Beezus and Ramona! Those books were a big part of my childhood. Parker loved all the Mouse and the Motorcycle books, too. Another book that made him giggle was Tales of a Fourth Grace Nothing.

  2. Jordon is my most 'creative' dresser. He scares me if I don't check him before school. Striped shirt with plaid shorts. I'll say 'Jordon those don't go together', he'll say 'Mom, they both have blue in them'. Right two blues that don't even match. You should hear how Kevra reacts, big sister, it is hilarious. I have even wondered if he is colorblind, but I don't think so, just no 'fashion' sense at all.

  3. We LOVE the No,No,Yes,Yes book. :) It was the first book that Cate could memorize and "read" back to us! It's adorable, and very applicable in our house... I do skip some pages though, just so she doesn't get any ideas though. (I do not want to deal with toys in the toilet - yuck!)