Saturday, September 24, 2011

Because the Orchard was Closed This Year...

The orchard we go to pick apples during Labor Day was closed this year.  No fruit.  What?!  Who's ever heard of an orchard with no fruit?!  Seriously.

I am really going to miss those freshly picked apples this year.  At least the ones in the store are pretty decent right now.

Now I have apples on the brain.  If you haven't seen this post with my favorite apple recipes, you won't be disappointed.

Here's some of the apple activities I have harvested to do with my boys at home.


I had Mr. Two pick apples (sort and collect the apple colored pom poms) so that we can use them in some future activities.  I gave him a huge bowl of pom poms and he loved finding the apples.

I found some great apple activities on Making Learning Fun that are on our to do list.  I love this 100 apples activity.  I also found an apple pom pom match game. 

Musings of Me has a cute apple mini unit that has some good stuff included.

I have a fun apple game in the works, hopefully to be posted soon...

If you missed these posts, here are a few more apple activities here and here we have done in the past.

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