Wednesday, December 2, 2009

100th Post Reflection

I cannot believe I am already at my 100th post!  As I thought about why I blog and what I have learned through blogging, a few things have come to mind.

First, I blog for my family.  I want to remember what we did, the little moments, the funny little sayings, the activities, the big life lessons, firsts, traditions, failures and successes.  I want my family who are far away to know what we are up to.  I want to create a record for myself, my husband and children.  I want us to remember the good times and to appreciate the struggles and to see Heavenly Father's hand in our lives.

Second, I blog with the hope that someone, be it family or friend or random stopper-by, can learn something from what I write.  I think it's the teacher in my veins.  I feel compelled to share and hope I can inspire.  Maybe I can give someone hope or faith to carry on who is in a tough spot.  Maybe I can brighten someone's day with my family's antics.  Maybe I can share a tip or two about teaching young children.  Maybe I can inspire someone to try something new, whether it be a craft, or recipe, a new book, or learning activity.  I have seen so many wonderful ideas on other blogs and websites that have encouraged and helped me learn.  I learn so much from others:  from my children, my husband, my family and friends, and even complete strangers. I feel compelled to share in my own small way.  I will continue to learn and share, and I sincerely hope that others can benefit from this little corner of the world of mine along with me. 

I also wanted to thank a couple of sweet gals who have given me awards in the recent past.  I truly appreciate the thought and their compliments, and love to see what they blog about as well.

Thank you Kristi!  I love your sense of humor and your great crafty ideas for preschoolers, plus we share a love of California!

Thank you Cindy!  You have an adorable crew and I enjoy seeing what fun things your family does together.

With the Honest Scrap award, you are supposed to list 10 things about yourself and the pass it along to 10 other bloggers.  I will give you my 10 facts.  To be honest, I hate the idea of choosing just 10 blogs that I love and singling them out.  I hope it doesn't seem like an easy way out, I just cannot decide...  Know I love you all! :)

1.  I love doing laundry, the sorting, the smell of detergent, the clean, warm piles of clothes, but I don't really like putting away the laundry.

2.  I love to sew and craft, but it doesn't always turn out the way I want it to.

3.  I am trying to let go of some of my perfectionist ways.  Having 2, soon to be 3, boys helps.

4.  When I'm upset, I clean. And cry.

5.  I am into trying new recipes, but they don't always turn out. While making pecan pies for Thanksgiving with my mom this year, we burned all three and had to go back to the store at 10:30 pm to buy more pecans and butter.  At least the second round turned out.  And they were delicious!

6.  I love girly things: pink, glitter, vintage prints, pastels, ribbon, and white furniture.  This is a problem with so many boys in my home.  I strive to find a balance between the masculine and feminine.

7.  I cannot stand beans.  Any kind of bean:  pinto, black, lima, green, even jelly beans!  (I will tolerate fresh green beans on occasion...)

8.  I do not enjoy driving.  I love that my husband does, so I rarely have to on family trips.

9.  I love to read and have a large collection of children's books.  I could sit in Barnes and Noble for hours.

10.  I love being pregnant.  Despite the back aches and heartburn, I think it is such a magical time.  Losing the baby weight afterwards is a different story...

Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays!!!


  1. diana you are so awesome :) i love going to book stores too!! wish i could stay there all day and find the adventure within. i appreciate your creativity so i can look and copy hahaha

  2. Congrats on all the awards and the 100 posts! I am afraid you will have to bring a whole lot of pink to your world of blue :)

  3. You made it to 100. Good job. Hang in there with all those boys. Trust me, there will be lots less drama at your house in the years to come.