Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Believe...

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This is a synopsis of a conversation between Mr. One (who is four) and my brother, his uncle.

1:  "Do you believe that Santa is real?"

Uncle:  "What do you think?"

1:  "Well, last year, I asked Santa for a Corvette McQueen and my wish came true." (a very specific Lightning McQueen die cast car that Santa had to do some real searching for...)

I think he still believes.

I do too.

I love the magic of Christmas.

(By the way, we did get our decorating finished and our home is full of holiday cheer.  The boys loved decorating the tree with all of their ornaments.  And, if I do say so myself, the tree does look magical.)


  1. Diana, there is nothing like Christmas with your children! The magic is so real! We are trying to get a good video of the kids Christmas wishes for Santa, maybe we can all post our childrens santa letters and share the joy!!
    Feliz Navidad

  2. That is cute!! I love the magic of Christmas!

  3. We love you guys and I am so happy things are getting better and better. Enjoy the holidays with your kids, they really do grow up so fast. Take lots of pictures.