Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Sticker Fun!

If you read my blog regularly, you know we love stickers at our house.  Here is an idea that I originally found somewhere else, I just can't find the link.  I'm so sorry to not be able to give credit for a great idea!  I love making activity bags for my kiddos to keep them busy while waiting at doctor's offices, in stores, at church, while I'm cooking dinner, etc.  I hope to do a better post on this later...

Back to the activity:

I cut xerox paper in half and drew simple shapes onto the half sheets with a sharpie. (Do you love the old-school copy paper I'm using?)  Then, I give the kiddos cheap stickers (you know the ones from dollar spots, etc.) and have them fill in the shape with stickers. 

If you are sitting and waiting somewhere while your kids are doing this activity, use the time to engage in conversation about what they are doing.  What shape is this sticker?  What animal is this?  Which is your favorite?  Can you find a letter A?  This is a great easy way to help build your little one's vocabulary.

For Mr. Two, he is just mastering the art of peeling the stickers off of the sheet, so I let him stick away however he wishes.  Mr. One is old enough to stay within the lines and fill the shape.  I also encourage him to use the smaller, chart stickers.  Do not peel the stickers off for your kids.  Let them do it themselves.  I sometimes help Mr. Two by bending the sticker sheet down so he can pull up a corner.  Using those cute little pincher fingers is a FANTASTIC and fun way to strengthen those fine motor muscles. 

This is really a favorite activity for both of my boys and will keep them happy for long stretches of time.  (This is a huge lifesaver while waiting in doctor's offices!)  As an added bonus, it is something you can easily throw into your purse and have on hand.  Just make up a stack of paper outlines, add a sticker book and throw in a ziploc or zipper pouch.


  1. ah. i couldn't figure out why you were giving ben a paper with a sharpied star to sticker, as he didn't seem to be very interested in the star.

  2. When my little guy was 15 months I was pregnant and couldn't always get a babysitter for my appointments and we always took stickers and paper to my appointments. Sometimes I would be there for 3 hours or more. It's a great activity!