Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Anatomy of Peace

In the book club I belong to, our book for February is The Anatomy of Peace:  Resolving the Heart of Conflict by the Arbinger Institute.

I'm not really an avid non-fiction reader, and even more reluctant to pick up books that are heavy on philosophy or psychology, so I hesitated to open this one up.  Nevertheless, I heard from several people that it was actually an engaging book, and the title did have peace in it...

It is actually written as a story, with a group of parents who have just dropped off their children at a survival camp for troubled young adults.  So, most of the book, while delving into the heart of conflict and peace in relationships, is written in a conversational style, with two teachers, the founders of the camp, talking with the parents and responding to their questions and hesitations.

This was a great book for my new year's goal of peace.

It contains so many thought-provoking ideas to help people resolve conflict and find peace, as individuals, as families, businesses and even countries.  It made me really think about how I interact with my children and family, and how I perceive others in my life.  One of the most powerful concepts it taught was that we choose whether to have a heart at peace or at war, by seeing people as people or objects, and based on this choice, all other choices flow from this simple decision.  The other important concept is that there is hope to resolve conflict.  We have the power to make lasting changes in ourselves, and then we can begin to heal any damaged relationship.

I can't even adequately explain this book, but it will be one that I will add to my library and look forward to revisiting.

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