Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why the World Needs More Uncles

Last week, I had my brother come over and watch the younger children for a few minutes while I picked up Mr. One from preschool.  Not only did he come over willingly, but he volunteered to stay a bit after we returned and play a few games with them.  Mr. One was having a particularly rough day, so my sweet 19 year old brother, scooped him up, hugged him and talked to him for a good amount of time to encourage and help him feel better.  We need more young men like this.  We need more hugs and encouragement.  We need a cool uncle to listen.  If we all had that, the world would be a lot better place.

Love is taking a few minutes out of a busy schedule to scoop up a nephew and let them know you care.


  1. I love this picture. It made me cry. I know that is a shock to everyone. I'm sure Zach will be doing lots of this kind of stuff in Brazil--encouraging, loving and being kind to those people.

  2. So, so darling. I can definitely see the relation! ;) Amazing what preparing for a mission will do huh. :) Love it. It's even more fun when they get back!