Thursday, February 25, 2010

Excitedly Expecting

This weekend, we went on a tour of the hospital that Mr. Three will be delivered at.  I don't really need another birthing class, but I do better when I know where I'm going.  I waddled the hallways, hand in hand with my Handsome Husband and at least 11 other expectant mothers and spouses.

I have to admit a little irritation at the sheer number of other pregnant people in one place.  I think maybe too many hormones in one room and a lack of sleep leads to this.  I start worrying that we will all go into labor at the same time (you know, during one of those stormy full moon nights) and I will be delivering in the hallway or something.  (Because I've already done this twice before and they will give priority treatment to the first-timers.)

Anyone else felt this sort of paranoia?

But I digress...

The hospital is lovely and the tour nurse helpful and so cheerful.

There was a tangible peace in the maternity wing.  All those sweet newborns and the warm towels...

I swear every nurse there had a genuine smile on their face.

I even felt myself getting a little sentimentally misty-eyed in the labor room looking at the delivery bed, stirrups and all.

I really need some sleep.

What I guess my point in all of this is that I am so excited to see this new little guy.  I want to hold him close and look into his puffy little eyes and smell him.  Is there anything more heavenly than that new baby smell?  Handsome Husband and I can decide who he looks like, and finally give him an official name.  I can't wait!

I forget about the pain, the contractions and all of the other delivery stuff and just feel anticipation in the best sense.

Mr. One often says, "When is my new brother coming?  I just want to see him!"

Mr. Two isn't too sure what is going on, but he knows change is coming and I don't think he's that thrilled.  He still loves to point to my tummy and say, "There's the baby!"

Well, dear boys, your new brother is coming, like it or not, and there will be more than enough love to go around for all of us.  I look forward to it.

*Do you love the pictures?  My talented sister took them for me, in seriously minutes. (How does she do that?) Thank you Sarah!  Check out some of her other work here.*


  1. I can't wait to see the pictures of Number Three. Wishing you a fast and problem-free delivery!

  2. Those are sweet pictures. :) New babies are so exciting!

    The hospital I delivered Jeffrey at had a few rooms that could be shared if necessary. I was totally worried that I would end up having to share. Luckily, that didn't happen. I hope you get a room and not a hallway this time!

  3. Love the pictures. I can't wait to see this new little one too. And in regards to the lack of sleep issue. You better rest up while you can. :)

  4. i like ben's squished face in the last picture. can't wait for baby smoke monster!

  5. Love the pictures, so exciting!!!

  6. You look great! I would never know you're 9 months along, seriously. Good luck with every thing, can't wait to meet the newbie! Oh and Cate really looks like Ben some days, go figure... :)