Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter FHE

Have you seen the Resurrection Eggs that are all over the web right now?  Here's just one example.  Do you have your own?  I have two sets that were given to my by friends in years past, and they make a perfect Family Home Evening lesson for Easter.  We take turns opening one egg at a time, examining the object inside, reading the scripture and discussing the events of Christ's death and resurrection. 

I am amazed at how much my children already know about these events.  Mr. One knew almost all of the details as we opened each egg.  Even Mr. Two remembered the basic story.  After going through the eggs and singing a few Easter songs, we had our treat.  We made these sweet rolls, but used them as an object lesson for the empty tomb.  The marshmallow melts and leaves an empty center to the roll, to remind us that Jesus's tomb was empty after three days, that He lives.  They loved this!

We're heading to the Easter Pageant later this week with our family.  I can't wait!

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