Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mr. Three is One

My baby is now a toddler.  Walking and babbling and getting into all sorts of trouble.  Then again, how could you not love this adorable face?

The phrase "time flies by" just sounds cliche, but that's how I feel.  I can still remember holding him as a tiny newborn on Easter weekend, and it feels like such a short time ago. 

Mr. Three had a fun and simple birthday celebration last week.  Presents, cake, ice cream, and lots of extra attention.  Just what he wanted! 

He loves:

knocking down towers
noisy toys
putting things in pans and containers, then dumping them out
food, especially strawberries, cereal, string cheese, crackers and cookies
giving wide mouth frog kisses
carrying things around the house in his mouth or in his hands (this is quite entertaining to watch)
shadowing his brothers
books and magazines (which he loves to rip and chew and throw...)

Can I just say that I love Amazon.com?!  They had all the presents we wanted to get for our little guy, and at unbeatable prices.  He loved his peg board and fill and spill bug jar.  Grammy and Grandpa got him a baby band set that he loved as well. 

He really had a blast ripping the paper on the presents.  I think he had just as much fun with the packaging as the gifts themselves.

I had envisioned making a fabulous city scape/ tower cake for him to topple over.  I had a cute little dino hat for him to wear, and I imagined him stomping his beautiful cake like Godzilla and laughing in glee.  This was a fantastic idea. In my head.

Let's just say that reality didn't exactly echo my vision.  He hated the dino hat, and refused to wear it.  The cake kept crumbling and ended up a huge mess, despite our best intentions.  He didn't really like the cake (note to self:  spice cake is not a baby favorite).  He kinda stuck his fingers in it and nibbled, but grew tired of the massive mound of sugar on his high chair quickly.  I guess I should be relieved that he didn't want to eat the whole thing...

Happy Birthday Mr. Three!  We are so blessed to have you in our family and look forward to many fun times together.


  1. Love the pictures. You really captured him!

  2. He is so cute, chubby cheeks. Kevra prefered the ice cream at her first, not interested in the cake.

  3. In the very first picture it looks like he is shouting "Faaaaabulouuuuuuus!"