Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fathers and Sons Outing

A few weekends ago, Mr. One, Mr. Two, Mike and my dad went on the annual Fathers and Sons outing with our ward (church).  They talked non-stop about it until they finally went.  They were so thrilled to be going on a boys only camping trip.  This was Mr. Two's first time going and Mr. One filled his head with the wonders of this annual event:  the food, running around in the dirt, shooting bottle rockets and sleeping in tents. 

The weather report predicted lots of rain, wind and cold conditions.  Rain or shine, the event would still go on.  The reports were accurate, and they were in for a cold and wet evening and morning. Thank goodness for tents, SUV's, tarps, thick sleeping bags and warm clothes. 

The plan was to come home late in the afternoon Saturday.  They were home before lunch.

Here's the only pics from the outing.  The boys were nice and snug in extra layers and sleeping bags.

From the boys' perspective, it was a perfectly good outing.  They got to eat at a "restaurant" (Happy Meals at McDonalds), have ice cream at the campfire devotional (who decided on ice cream over s'mores?), sleep in a tent with an air mattress and sleeping bags (I think they were having more fun jumping and sliding around on said bed...), got pancakes in the morning, and they got to pick a drink at the convenience store (Batman juice and orange soda) on the way home after breakfast.  Best of all, they were able to spend time with their daddy and grandpa. Just the boys.

If only we could see the world through a child-like lens.  I know we would all be a lot more content.

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  1. I love fathers and sons campouts! It really is great for them to have "guy time". (It's also great for Grace and me to have "girl time".) And I agree - I love how kids enjoy the simple things the most.