Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Housework Blues

It's spring. The weather is fabulous. My sad little rose bush is actually blooming! I have irises starting to bud. There's a cool breeze blowing in today. I see pastels and bunnies and chicks and birdies and flowers everywhere. I can wear my breezy skirts and sandals again. Darling Easter crafts await my attention. I am in girly heaven right now. Spring is calling. Hooray!

No. Wait.

Housework is calling.

My bathrooms need a good scrub. So does my refrigerator. Are those footprints on the dining room wall? I think one of my flip flops just stuck on the floor.

So, instead of surfing the 'net some more and drinking up all the springtime goodness around me, I'm off to clean the tub.



  1. You are so cute Diana! I just love you! You are so creative in so many ways. I love having you as a neighbor and friend and visiting teacher! I will miss you so much. You darling, creative, fun friend you!

  2. gotta love responsibility. :) hope you were able to reward yourself with some good play