Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tender Mercies

Most of you out there reading my blog know that Mike is currently out of work and has been for a few months now. We are both able to do some part-time jobs here and there and are doing OK for the time being. I have complete faith that Heavenly Father is in control and knows what we need right now. I have a testimony of the blessings of tithing and following the prophet's counsel. We felt the need to build up our food storage and savings for the past year. That has been a huge blessing for us now. While I do have faith, it would be untruthful to say I don't get worried or upset at times. But, every time I feel like I can't handle life, Heavenly Father sends a tender mercy our way.

Today, as I was cleaning out a filing cabinet, I stumbled upon an old Christmas booklet that Mike's Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bill had sent several years ago. I don't know why I opened it, but I did. To my astonishment, a twenty dollar bill and a little note from his aunt and uncle slipped out. I don't know why we never saw it there before. After a silent prayer of thanks, Elder Bednar's talk from 2005 General Conference, "The Tender Mercies of the Lord" came quickly to my mind. Twenty dollars isn't much money, but it was a gentle reminder to me that Heavenly Father is there and listens to prayers.

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  1. thank you for this reminder!! just what i needed to read today