Friday, May 18, 2012

Need a Lift?

Did anyone else feel a little inadequate this Mother's Day? I appreciated all of the kind words spoken, the sweet handmade gifts from my boys, and my husband making breakfast, the flowers, the encouraging words spoken in church.  I am a lucky mom, but I admit, I have been feeling a bit low lately.  Raising young children is hard work.

My mom sent me a link to this video for Mother's Day and it changed my perspective. 

Watch it, especially if you need a little lift. 
I know I did.  
I still do.  


To all who mother young children, whether you've given birth to them or not (because all women are indeed mothers), hang in there.  
We are not in this alone.

P.S.- Notice the family with the little boys trying to pray?  I can totally relate!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mr. Three's Second Birthday

Mr. Three turned two on General Conference weekend.  Since we were with my family that weekend watching conference, we celebrated his birthday together.  One of our traditions is making the birthday person's favorite meal.  This proved a challenge for Mr. Three.  He is a picky eater.  However there are a few things he will always eat:  strawberries, candy and bacon.  Yes, bacon.  We made sure to have lots of bacon on his special day, but the silly little guy wouldn't even touch it.  Well, we tried!  He did eat the strawberries, though.

We also decided that he would really like Nutella cupcakes, too.  (Ahem, maybe Mom decided he wanted them...)  They were delicious, but again, Mr. Two hardly touched his.

So the food didn't go over terribly well, but we sure hit the bulls-eye with his presents.

He was so cute opening up his presents all by himself, and exclaiming, "Oh!" after opening each one.

Four days a week, we walk Mr. Two across the elementary school campus to take him to preschool.  Mr. Three has watched with envy as his older brothers put on their backpacks and fill up their water bottles to go to school.  He will take their old backpacks and wear them all around the house.  I knew that he'd love to have his own water bottle and backpack.  Auntie Carla found a perfect little Toy Story pack for him.  We also found a Cars water bottle for him.  He wears his pack to take his brother to school most days, with his water bottle and other random items stuffed inside.  It's so cute!

Mr. Three also has a stuffed puppy that he sleeps with every night, and Aunt Sarah found a soft Snoopy for him to love on as well.  He snuggles up with his two dogs every night (well, when he actually decides to stay in his bed at night, but that's another post.).

I made him his own superhero cape, like his big brothers.  He wanted to put it on right away.  So cute!

Grammy and Grandpa also found him a little talking laptop.  He loves electronics, so this was a natural hit.  He especially likes to play with it during bedtime and nap time, any time he's supposed to be quiet.  Gotta love toddlers!

The last gift we found was a water activity table.  He loves playing in the water.  Remember this post?  This was the perfect gift for him, and Aunt Jenny's gift of water/sand toys was the perfect compliment.  He and his brothers can play happily outside in the water table for long periods of time.  I'm the one that has to stop the fun because, either they have started to make a large mud mess with all the spilled water, or Mr. Three has dumped most of the water out of the table onto the ground, himself and/or his brothers.

Mr. Three is such a happy addition to our family.  We love his fun-loving, independent spirit.  It has been especially exciting to have him start talking in sentences now.  He loves to parrot family members and likes to talk in the car.  We don't always understand all that he is saying, but he enjoys being part of the conversation.  His cheeks are totally kissable and I will take any hugs and kisses he decides to send my way!  Even with all of the mischief he can get into, we love having him in our home.