Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer So Far...

So our summer has started out with a bang... literally.  Here's a brief update for all who are interested.

I spent the last few days of school in bed with a horrible infection that completely knocked me out.  Thank goodness for a mom close by who let me sleep, offered liquids, and watched my darling little ones so that I could recover and my handsome husband could stay at work.  Luckily, I recovered before the last day of school so I could attend the end of year festivities in preschool.

Memorial Day weekend was spent in the mountains relaxing in Heber with my family in my sis-in-law's aunt's cabin.  The men had fun playing paintball.  The women crafted (burlap wreaths with felt flowers).  The little boys loved playing indoors and out.  We took a late night walk, tucked boys into bunk beds on the sleeping porch, letting them giggle and talk while the adults enjoyed time together.  We played games, laughed, visited, and ate lots of good food.  Oh, the weather was perfect.  The lovely smells of pine and the gentle wind blowing.  Watching the squirrels chase each other up the trees.  Playing Fruit Ninja for the first time.  OK, so that one doesn't really fit in with camping, but still fun nonetheless. 

It was the perfect calm before the storm.

Thursday brought a fever and chills for Mr. One.  After lots of Gatorade and fever reducer, he was recovered by Friday afternoon.

Mr. Four was to be blessed in our church on Sunday, so we had several members of Mike's family in town, coming Friday and Saturday.  We looked forward to another good, relaxing weekend of food and visiting and all that good stuff.

Saturday we spent the late afternoon at a great aquatic center in Chandler.  The boys loved playing in the water and splashing their aunts and uncles and cousins.  We decided to head home at 6:00pm and get cleaned up for dinner.  As Mike drove our family to Sweet Tomatoes (a family favorite), close to 8:00, nearly there, we were suddenly T-boned by a large truck.  It happened so fast, I didn't really understand what was going on.  The airbags went off, turning our car into a sulfurous, smoke-filled scene of confusion.  The boys were screaming, the doors on the passenger side jammed shut.

Have you ever been in an accident with loved ones in your car?  Do you understand the agonizing moment after you quickly assess yourself and need to look back to make sure everyone else is alright?  I am so so so lucky that both times we have had our cars in a large wreck, we have all walked away with little more than bruises and headaches.  Thank goodness all were fine.  Mike's hand was singed, my right arm bruised and scratched from the airbags, but that's about it.  The boys were scared, wide-eyed and trapped in their car seats, but safe.  We had family right behind us, so they were able to park and come right away to help us, other family members close by at the restaurant came soon after.  What a relief to have your family literally surround you in a crazy moment like that.  Well, we spent the next hour on the grassy hill-like side of the road as the police came and got things sorted out, and we watched yet another minivan get towed off.

Needless to say, our car is totaled.

At least Sweet Tomatoes was open until 10:00, so we could still eat.  Wow, were we hungry by the time we all finally got there!  We actually had a nice time eating and visiting despite the earlier drama.

Sunday, we managed to all get to church on time to bless sweet Mr. Four.  It was a beautiful blessing, and I felt the love and protection of Heavenly Father as Mike prayed and our priesthood-holding family held that babe in their arms.  There, in that moment, was a little piece of heaven, a reminder of what is really important.

 As we returned home after our meeting, I realized that our house was warm.  Too warm.  Our A/C was not working.  Sigh.  Another snag.  Luckily, we had already planned on eating dinner all together at my parents' house and not our house!

Monday brought a fever and sore throat to Mr. Two and fussiness for Mr. Four after his 2 month immunizations.  Here we go again...

My brother and sister in law and daughter stayed for a few extra days for a little mini vacation.  They were so sweet to offer us their car and help.  I think if they had any desire to live in Arizona, we pretty much squashed that after spending an evening in our really warm house, witnessing our car crash, and being around sick children.  So sorry Joe and Jenny!

It is now Friday and things are finally looking up.  Our A/C is fixed.  No one is running a fever.  We have a rental car.  We are very close to getting the check for the van.  Bruises are healing.  We have decided that good things are around the corner for us.  I am looking forward to some nice, quiet summer days!  I've had enough drama, thanks. (Oh and yes, that is a butterfly bandage on Mr. Two's forehead.  He ran into the corner of the table yesterday, but he's just fine.)  Bring on the mid-afternoon naps and the popsicles!