Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hop, Skip and Jump Picnic Post

Today's picnic post is about getting out and being active. Getting OUT... AND being active...

It's summer here in the lovely state of Arizona. Summer here means it needs to be at least 100 degrees as the LOW temperature in the evening or early morning. It is "blazing-burn-your-fingers-on-the-steering-wheel, avoid-the-outdoors-as-much-as-possible" hot here.

The only real physical activity we do at this time of year involves either being in a pool, being inside or running really fast to get inside so you don't fry.

Seriously, we do really love the community pool here and try to use it frequently. Swimming is great exercise. I actually have been participating in a weekly water aerobics class this summer. I had no idea you could get such a great workout in a pool... My kids beg to go too, but it's mommy time, no kids.

When we were in a better economic situation, we enrolled in swimming lessons during the beginning of the summer. Not this year. Oh well.

I go walking at night with a friend for about 30 minutes, three to four times a week to get some exercise in. (Well, we try...) Even though we go at 9 pm, it is still pretty toasty outside, but bearable with the sun down at least.

I try and cover my eyes as my children jump on the furniture and run in circles around the house to work out the energy. Sometimes I even encourage it by turning on some fun music (shh... don't tell Mom!). One can only do so much with no yard...

We "dance along" to So You Think You Can Dance every Wednesday and Thursday. That counts as exercise, right?

When it's not so terribly hot (think below 115...) we use our Zoo membership. The fabulous thing about the Phoenix Zoo is that they have two water areas for the kids, so you can get wet and walk around and not be so terribly hot the whole day.

We dash from the parking lot to the air-conditioned grocery store when we have to restock the fridge. We also have our daily walk to the mailbox. Sometimes we wander around the mall or the library just to get out of the house. All of these activities necessitate an Otter Pop afterwards.

I am a little jealous of everyone who lives in a part of the world where summer is a magical, outdoor paradise. I may be roasting now, but our winters are fabulous...

Honestly, being active is really NOT my area of expertise. Really, I'd rather just read a book than work out, but I'm trying because I know it's important for me and my family. Head on over to ABC's and 123's for some real advice on hopping, skipping and jumping...


  1. We seem to have the opposite problems. It can be too hot for you guys to spend time outside and for us it can be too cold. But, we make the most of it. Great blog

  2. I'm right there with you, winter means outside all the time and summer means in the water or in the air conditioner. I don't mind though, I'd rather the heat than the cold.

  3. I am seriously melting! ughhh! On a brighter note... Your baby is beautiful!

  4. I've been in Arizona in the summer - eewww... It's great that you still manage to get out of an airconditioned spaces at all. As you said, your best time of the year is coming soon :)

  5. I just do NOT know how you go outside AT ALL! EW EW EW
    You are doing great with it though!

  6. Amen to the hot weather dilemma! It's hard to think of things to do with the kids. Sometimes I wish "summer vacation" were in a better time of the year.