Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall'ing in Love

Fall is all around us... well, in the supermarket and in pictures of other places at least (and in Webkinz world, don't ask).

Hey, we're in perpetually sunny Arizona and we don't really do seasons here. When the wind blows or we get a 5 minute rain shower, we consider it major weather.

As I was reading books about fall to my kiddos a week or two ago, they kept looking at the fall colored trees in the books, the jackets and woodland animals. Then, looking out the window at the varying states of green and brown and the blazing sun out the window , they scratched their their heads in puzzlement. What is this magical fall anyways? Maybe Mommy is losing her marbles.

In order to compensate for our hometown's disdain for any real fall-like atmosphere in the great outdoors, my wonderful husband brought fall indoors to us. I cannot say enough about having a talented husband. People think I am the creative one, but design is in this man's blood (even if he would much rather be designing houses or buildings than rearranging knick knacks...).

Now I feel it is my duty to bring the flavors of fall into our home, now that the eyes have some fall (and Halloween) splendor to feast upon.

Bring on the pumpkin bread, the pumkin cookies, the warm pots of potato soup and cornbread...
(recipes and pictures to come soon)

If you haven't gotten in the mood for fall yet, go here and here to fall in love. I cannot wait to try that milkshake, which is much more appropriate fall fare for our 100 degree weather right now.

Fall, here we come!


  1. (Sigh) I know how you feel. We do get fall leaves around here eventually, but not until the rest of the world is experiencing a phenomenon called "winter". My kids have no concept of that season either.

  2. I feel for you! At least we have fall, but my daughter has yet to see snow. Now she is concerned that Santa Claus will not visit, because he likes snow and asks how will Santa sleigh drive on roads. I assured her, of course, that Santa has his way of dealing with minor problems like those :)
    In our house my husband is responsible for all seasonal decorations. Ying and yang are seriously reversed in this family :)