Friday, April 16, 2010

Adjusting to Three and a Thank You

Wow!  Thank you for all of the kind comments on our new addition and for all of the great advice on getting Mr. Two to sleep in his big boy bed.  I feel so loved and supported.  It's so nice to know others have been through similar situations and survived!

As for sleep for the rest of us...

Now that is a thing I miss...

For a little update, the boys are really adjusting well to having a baby in the house.  They love holding him and helping out.  Our little one still doesn't know that night is for sleeping, but that will come soon enough.  I do love holding this sweet baby in my arms.

Here is some pictorial proof that Mr. Two does indeed sleep in his bed now.  We've had a few nights where he's put himself to bed with no prompting from us.  So heavenly!

Here's how we're helping him.

1. Bribery- we started out giving him a little vending machine animal each night he slept in his big boy bed.  He loved that and it gave him some motivation to stay in bed.

2.  Consistency-  We spent many nights putting him to bed, and re-placing him in bed.  He's got the point now (for the most part).  No going back to the crib.

3.  Confession time- Either my husband or I lay down with him some nights until he's asleep, or close to it.  Especially with a new baby taking so much attention, he needed some extra parent time.

4.  Skipping naps- If he doesn't nap, he's tired and will volunteer to go to bed.  (He's been known to fall asleep at the dinner table...) 

In my early morning/ late night feeding sessions, I have hatched a few new ideas for the kids, for the house, for myself.  I am slowly but surely getting back into a rhythm.  Bear with me and I'll be posting more regularly.  Until then, thanks for reading and commenting!


  1. Diana...Congrats on the arrival of sweet little man #3!!! What did you name him? You can leave it on a comment on my blog. He's so stinkin' adorable. Not a surprise though...your others are darling as well. 3 is a trip, but all the more fun and joy...99% of the time! So thriled for you.xo

  2. You are amazing! Good luck getting some sleep! I am volunteering Joe (or myself, depending on Cate) to watch the boys so you can take a nap when we visit! :)

  3. You are doing a great job, glad to see the whole family together and doing well! Way to go, enjoy each day!