Friday, June 18, 2010

Play Date and Kids Aprons

This Tuesday, my boys and I had a play date.

Mr. One's preschool has been such a blessing in many ways, including the opportunity to make some new friends.  For me as well as him.  Tuesday, we headed over to one of our preschool friends' home for a play date with another preschool mommy and her boys also.  The kids played and ate lunch and the ladies got to craft, chat and eat.  What's not to love?

We made 6 child sized aprons for our kiddos.  Here is a link to the pattern we used.  It took all day, but they turned out adorable.  Really, the pattern is so simple, it shouldn't take very long. I love the velcro on the sides so that the kids can put them on themselves.  We added a little front pocket, because every apron needs a pocket.  With a bit of couponing and luck finding some very inexpensive clearance fabric, these darlings cost about 2 dollars a piece.  You can't beat that price!

When you have eight little boys under the age of eight to keep track of, you are thrilled to get anything complete.

Here's a list of what we accomplished during our day:

fed eight boys a balanced lunch
took care of one very explosive and messy diaper (thank you Mr. Three...)
cleaned one poopy car seat and a kitchen floor
coaxed a difficult sewing machine into behaving (thankfully not my machine)
stopped for our own lunch
helped clean a massive toy mess
played referee to a few slight skirmishes
finished four aprons and almost finished two more for a total of six
got a few new book recommendations
bounced and pacified a fussy baby and toddler
talked and laughed
took home some happy and tired kiddos

The boys love their aprons and are excited to help cook.  I can't wait for our next play date!


  1. So so cute! Wow. We did get a lot accomplished. I like the list :)

  2. Those are adorable. We will have to have a little cooking class at Grammy's house next week!