Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines 2011

Our Valentine's Day was simple and sweet.

I filled lunch boxes and plates with heart pb and j's.  I snuck a little love note into Mr. One's lunchbox, so he knew his parents were thinking of him on heart day.

 Pictorial evidence that 10 month old boys make large messes with pb and j sandwiches.  Funny, in real life it was a lot messier than this picture would have you believe...

I took a cue from Carissa at 1+1+1=1 and let Mr. Two do some beading on heart picks from the Dollar Tree.  He loved this, and wanted to keep the beads on the sticks, so I put a rubber band on the end of the stick to keep the beads in place.  Now we have a magic wand/sword to play with.

My sister came over for dinner (no one wants to be alone on Valentine's Day, and we loved having her).  We made our own heart shaped pizzas for dinner (well, we tried our best to make them heart shaped...), with cheese for the boys and bbq chicken for the adults.  We added a salad and sliced strawberries that sort of look like hearts, too.  Our night ended with a trip to Sonic for a sweet treat together.

Simple and sweet!

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