Monday, May 23, 2011

Pianos, Ponds, and Teeth

Saturday began with Mr. One's piano recital.  His song is entitled, "The Wooly Mammoth" and he played so well.  Move over, Beethoven! I love his dramatic dynamics, the little swinging legs, and the way he quickly ducked/bowed at the end (I think he was really nervous).  I am so grateful that Grammy is so willing to teach him.  He is really enjoying playing the piano (and I love hearing him).

That evening, Mike and I took the kids to Sweet Tomatoes (a favorite family spot) for dinner.  My boys gobble up the macaroni and cheese, jello, pizza, and the muffins.  We make them eat a healthy salad first, but they don't complain if they can have unlimited amounts of the other stuff, not to mention the ice cream bar...

We sat next to the window and the boys noticed a little grassy park area outside with a pond and asked to go explore it.  We walked over after our dinner and they happily watched the ducks (pointing out which ones were mallards), the koi fish, and the little box turtles swimming together.  As we were nature watching, a cute young couple approached us and asked if we would like some bread to feed the ducks.  They had some left over from feeding them at the other edge of the little pond.  Of course the boys were delighted, so they gave us the rest of their bread, we thanked them and they went on their way.  I hope the sound of the boys' happy giggles in the background put a smile on their faces as they walked.  The simple kindness of strangers reminds me of just how much good is still in the world today. 

For such a peaceful looking animal, Koi fish are especially aggressive animals when it comes to food!  They would swim over, under and push away the turtles and other fish for a bite to eat.  The ducks didn't even mess with them.  We'd give a little cheer when a tiny turtle would eventually get their own bite before the fish attacked.  Mr. Three was especially giddy about the animals.  He laughed and laughed as they would race to the bread and fight over each piece.  We left as the sky began to darken, headed home for baths, scripture reading and bedtime prayers.

On Sunday, Mr. One lost his second tooth.  Only this time, it came out during Sunday dinner at my parents' house and unexpectedly became part of his dinner...  Oops!  The poor guy was so stricken that he swallowed his tooth.  After being assured that others had done it and lived through the ordeal, he then worried about the tooth fairy.  How would she know, because he couldn't put his tooth under his pillow?  Luckily, Aunt Jaimee chimed in and said something to the effect of, "Don't you know that the tooth fairy has a beeper that goes off so she knows when you lose a tooth?  She knows even if you swallow it."  Thanks Jaimee!  You saved the day. 

I am loving his new "whistle talk" with his new front tooth gap.  SSSSSweet!

Monday morning, sure enough, the tooth fairy pulled through with two new quarters for the "squeeky" machine.  I am happy to report, he still plans on getting one for himself and one for Mr. Two.  In fact, when I asked him if he would get two for himself, he looked a little offended that I would even think that.

It's weekends like this that remind me that I have much to be grateful for.

Happiness is doing simple things together as a family, and taking time to really enjoy the moments.


  1. What great piano playing! We are proud of Mr. One!

  2. You are so right. You can always find blessings when there is family around. Love you guys!!