Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Museum Fun with the Peanuts Gang

This Saturday we headed back to AMY for their Peanuts Play Ball exhibit.  Mike and I grew up reading Peanuts as kids and we love to watch the Charlie Brown movies during the holidays.  When we heard that they were doing this exhibit, we knew that we wanted to take the boys to explore.  They had lots of the comic strips hanging on the walls, as well as details about the Peanuts gang and their creator.  It would have been nice to go through the exhibit without kids for a bit to read all of the information, but our kiddos just wanted to get to the activities!


We made glow in the dark masks and played in the pumpkin patch dark room.  Mr. Two loved his mask and wore it through the rest of our time in the museum, until it ripped and he got a bit upset.  Good thing we have tape at home!


The boys had fun pretending to be Snoopy aka the Flying Ace.


This picture is for Grammy, our favorite piano teacher.  The boys loved the trying out Schroeder's piano, which played Fur Elise.  I couldn't resist striking a Lucy pose.


The boys threw out a few pitches.


Anyone need some psychiatric advice?  Mr. Three just wanted to swipe the wooden nickles and play with them throughout the rest of the exhibit.

Sending a letter to Snoopy.


Mr. One had a great time building his own kingdom, guarded by a loyal knight and a fierce dragon.


Mr. Two and Mr. Three tried their hand at some sketching.

Thank goodness they have a play area just for the under four years old set.  Mr. Three can only handle the older kid exhibits for so long.  Everything in this area is hands on, so that made him a happy toddler!  There are giant soft blocks for building, a puppet theater and a large play house to explore.  I didn't get any pictures.  I guess by the time we got there, I was a bit tired out!

It was a fun day to spend together as a family.

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