Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss!

We had another fun day celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday this year.  As an added bonus, it was on a Saturday, so everyone was home to enjoy it together.

We had our traditional green eggs and ham for dinner.  (Well, green eggs and bacon, close enough :))  Mr. Two was hesitant to "try them, try them and you may" but found that he did like green eggs and (bacon)ham.

Mr. One does not like green eggs and ham, he does not like them Sam-I-am.  But give him toast, he likes that most.

Mr. Four loves green eggs, well, to play with at least.  Eating? Not so sure...

Mr. Three said no to the green eggs, but loves the (bacon)ham.  Yum!

We also had some strawberry-banana Cat in the Hat skewers.  Those were a big hit with all the boys.

Mr. Two is crazy about his fruit kabob!  He and Mr. One assembled them for our family dinner, cutting bananas and threading the fruit on the sticks.  A fun way to sneak in some pattern practice, too.

Mr. Three loves his fruit!  Chomp, chomp!

We couldn't have a Dr. Seuss dinner without a fun dessert, so some sweet eggs and ham were on the menu.  Now these were green eggs that everyone was willing to try!  (Made with a pretzel under a candy melt, melted in the microwave and topped with a green M&M.)

The boys liked hearing a few favorite stories, Green Eggs and Ham (of course) and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, to name a few.   We also played a new game together: this cute fishing game found here.  I had a few more Seuss crafts and activities planned, but the boys were happy playing on Seussville and so I have them all pinned and partially prepped for next year.

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