Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Four Year Old Logic

A few funnies from Mr. One, who is 4, almost 5.  (Don't you love this adorable face?!)

Mr. One loves to sit by me and often asks to feel the baby move.  One day, he put his hand on my ever-expanding tummy, right on my belly button and exclaimed, "Mommy, I feel my brother's tiny foot!"  To which I had to reply, "Sorry darling, that is my belly button."

On Sunday, we were over at my parents' home for a get together for my brother who is leaving on a mission for our church to Brazil in a little more than a week.  There were lots of chairs up for visiting family and friends.  In between waves of people over, Mr. One was playing around in a large director's type camping chair, leaning forward and tipping it over.  I explained that he needed to stop, not only to keep himself safe, but especially because he was teaching his brother unsafe things as well.  He stopped for a minute, then started dragging the chair around behind the sofas.  Then, I heard him explain to my sister, "I need to move this chair away from my brother so he can't see what I'm doing.  I'm going to do something really cool now."  That gave us a good giggle or two.

Gotta love that four year old logic!

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