Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day: Sharing the LOVE

Did you get to spend some quality time with your loved one(s) this Valentine's Day?

Here's a little synopsis of what we did to celebrate.

Earlier in the week, we sent out Valentines in the mail to our out of state family.  We wanted to share the love with our family near and far.  I let the boys pick out whatever cards they wanted (we ended up with some pretty funny selections, especially with Mr. Two's randomness), we signed them and mailed them off, sealed with a kiss.

On Saturday, Mike and I actually hired a babysitter and went out to dinner. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal, but when you can count the number of times you have hired a babysitter and/or gone out to a real restaurant in the past year on one hand, well then, it becomes a big deal.  We went to Gecko Grill (love, love, love their food...) and enjoyed some quality time without children.  After dropping the sitter off and putting the kiddos to bed, we watched Julie and Julia and snuggled.  Hooray for date night!

Sunday started off with pink waffles and syrup (drat, I wish strawberries were in season...) and pink milk.  Both boys ate two waffles each!  I love my food coloring...

After church, we ate dinner at my parents' house.  We normally have a red dinner, with some sort of red pasta, red jello, etc.  This year, we went outside of the box and ate something different.  We still had the candlelit table and fancy dishes, but we did change up the menu.  We had crepes with beef and mushrooms and chicken in sauce for the non-red-meat-eaters (ahem, me), grilled asparagus, salad, and cranberry Sierra Mist (we had to have at least one red thing...).  Then for dessert:  classic cheesecake, sugar cookies, and extra cake pops.  Talk about sugar overload, but boy was it good!

Mr. One's gift

 Mr. Two's Gift

Mike and I picked out books for the boys for their little gift.

I gave Mike some chocolate-covered treats (cherries, coconut almonds and cashew clusters).

He gave me the Beatles album 1, and yes, he made the card (it says, "My 1 and Only").

Hoping all of you had a love-filled Valentine's Day!

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  1. You guys amaze me. So clever in the things you make. I'm not so good at making cards, etc. but I think the cheesecake was pretty good. :)