Monday, April 22, 2013


With four children and a busy husband, I often find myself struggling to balance all of the demands of my many roles.  Demands on my time and attention vary day to day, and I try to fit in as much as I can.  This afternoon, with the older two boys in school, lunch finished, naps over, my little ones seemed in need of some extra face time.  Today, I ignored the very dirty floors, the half-finished dishes, and the sewing projects.  Just for a little bit, I pulled out the pots and pans and a few interesting utensils and we played. 

We banged on the pots with wooden spoons and laughed as they loudly clanged.  We enjoyed the boisterous music for a bit. 

They explored the soft, tickling bristles of the silicone basting brush, the smooth plastic of the spatulas, and the contours of the wooden spoons. 

They discovered that different pots make different sounds.  They may have also tried out the spoons and brushes on each others heads, backs, and tongues.

Although I admit it was hard to not think about the extra load of dishes that I would have to clean after the music faded,  I made the choice to let play come first.   

Then, as they all peacefully slumbered, I mopped the floors, washed the dishes and finished my sewing project.

I may not always get down on the floor and join in on the fun with my children.  Sometimes dinner needs to be prepared and other obligations need to be attended to, but when I choose to let the to-do list wait for a few brief moments, I feel the joy that comes from mothering these sweet souls.  And I remember that I chose this busy life.  And I am so grateful I made that choice.

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