Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mr. Four Turns One

We had lots of family in town for Mr. One's baptism, so we opted to celebrate Mr. Four's first birthday on Easter, just a few days before his actual birthday. 

He didn't mind having a little extra attention for a few days.  He liked the ribbons and wrapping paper just as much as the gifts themselves.  He especially loved the presents that made noise, dancing to the music that some of them made.  He can really rock!


Mr. One really dug into his first cake, literally, but Mr. Two and Mr. Three wouldn't even touch their's.  We had high hopes for our food-loving Mr. Four.  And baby didn't disappoint! 

He dug right in and started picking off the M&M's from the top, then kind of lost interest. 

Funny enough, he got a knee in the cake, then realized how much fun squishing cake was, and got a fist- and foot-full of chocolate.  That was fun, but starting to get messy, so we had to put an end to the cake-stomping fun and put the birthday boy in the tub.

After a bit of cleaning up, we enjoyed some Easter cheesecake and chocolate pie with everyone before our out of town family had to hit the road. 

We saved a few gifts for him to open on his actual birthday.  I couldn't resist the piano and few more good books!

What a fun celebration!  I am in love with our happy, rosy-cheeked cherub.  What a perfect addition to our family he is! 

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