Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Being a mother of four young boys and the wife of a bishopric member means that I do not have very high expectations for Mother's Day.  On any given Sunday, if we make it out the door, dressed and at least faking the smile on our faces before church is scheduled to begin, I consider that a victory.  Add in the pressure of Mother's Day, and well, it could lead to disaster.

I woke up to a cold piece of grape jelly-slathered toast on a napkin, inscribed with an I love you from Mr. One.  It would have been a warm piece of toast had I actually gotten out of bed the first time I heard noises in the kitchen telling me my brood was up and moving.  I ate it with a smile on my face and a thank you on my lips, even if it wasn't my breakfast of choice.  Mr. One's happiness at serving me was worth every bite.

The next happy spot in my day came as I opened the cards and handmade gifts from my children.  The hugs and kisses, the smudgy I love you's and adorable stick people, the art projects based on the colors of Jengo Fett...

I even had Mike home by mid-morning, instead of the all-morning usual meetings, which was a fantastic present for me, and for the boys as well.

We made a massive mess all over the kitchen table making cards for our grandmas, and ate lunch together. 

Then Mike had to head off to church a bit early.  As he left, everyone was smiling, calm, happy to be together.  All that was left was to put on church clothes and do a bit of kitchen clean up.  No problem, I thought.  With a pointed reminder to get ready and listen to Mom from Mike to the boys, the door shut and this is what I had to face.

Mr. One threw a fit because I said no to adding Nutella to his Millenium Falcon-shaped cookie after lunch.

I angrily told Mr. Two that he was ruining my Mother's Day because he refused to get out of his pj's and get his Sunday clothes on for church.  We were late.  He got back at me by refusing to get up with the rest of the children in church to sing a special mother's day song.  He hid under the bench.

Mr. Three was jumping off of the pew during the singing that only one of my children decided to participate in (at least Mr. One wanted to serenade his grumpy mom).  As he jumped off for the fifth or so time (ignoring my not so subtle at this point pleas/threats to cut it out), he fell and hit his face, cried and gave me that "it's your fault look".

Mr. Four was gleefully throwing crunched up pieces of Chex cereal all over the carpet under our pew, fussing when I attempted to take them away for good.

My beautiful corsage fell apart by the beginning of the second hour of church.  Pink rose petals all over the floor, from being handled by my children... 

I was able to visit and eat some yummy dessert before the Relief Society lesson, mainly because I was feeding Mr. Four chocolate and fruit so he was happy to stay put.  I didn't actually sit and listen to any of the lessons because I spent the majority of the time chasing Mr. Four around the halls, keeping him off of the stairs to the stage, washing his sticky fingers so he wouldn't gum up the entire church, etc., all the while wearing very high heels that didn't seem all that uncomfortable at the beginning of church, but by the end were the worst idea ever.

At dinner with my family, I joked to Mike that the best part of Mother's Day was right then, because we were eating on the floor of my brother's home and our kids were sitting at the table with my siblings, not next to us.  Oh, to eat a meal next to my husband, without anyone sitting on my lap...

All joking aside, I recognize that to be a mother is a tremendous blessing.  And I readily acknowledge that I could not do it on my own.  I have a loving Heavenly Father who guides me every day, and lifts me up.  I have a wonderful husband by my side, helping to raise our four happy, healthy, active boys.  I have an amazing mother myself to look to for advice and encouragement.  I am a mother, I am far from perfect, I don't always love every moment, but I do love my children and consider "mother" to be the most beautiful title I will ever bear.  Happy Mother's Day!

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