Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fishing for Good Food

I found the idea for this game on The Crafty Crow. It was originally posted here. I changed it slightly. Because I am not an artist, I printed clip art pictures of food and mod podged them to the foam. I also hot glued the paperclips onto the backs (faster and less messy). We used the fishing pole I made for the fishing game. We sorted the foods into healthy food and junk food. We also counted the foods in each pile to see who was the winner. This was a great way to get some hand-eye coordination and counting practice. It was also a fun way to discuss healthy foods. We will definitely pull this game out again, especially for Halloweeen!


  1. That is WAAAAAAAY awesome!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! I think I will be using this idea in a few weeks with our grocery store theme. AWESOME!

  2. HEY I just noticed you have a Nie button too I love that blog