Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reading in Style

For Mother's Day in Primary, we made these adorable bookmarks with the kids. They were so simple, so inexpensive, and so cute. We die cut tons of flowers out of different colors of felt, layered three, stuck a brad through the centers, added a ribbon and hot glued a giant paperclip to the back. Easy peasy.

Just in time for the next book club meeting...

(You have to love the fact that Andrew chose "boy colors" for my gift.)

What to do with the extras? I'm thinking flower pins, flower hair clips, scrapbook embellishments, picture frame add-ons... Oh the possibilities!


  1. You incredibly crafty croft you!!! You make it look so darn easy! I know I should not envy, but your talent is so hard not to! HAha! Seriously, amazing, your kids are so lucky!

  2. I love those! What a great idea! :)