Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All I Want is You

My family is going to the U2 concert tonight. All my brothers and sisters (well, Clayton and Eva are not in town, so almost all...), even my parents.

Not us.



Instead, I am going to go to my own U2 concert in my imagination (I did get to go in 2001 with Mike for the Elevation Tour. Awesome.).

This time, I will not have to wonder what is going on below me because some tall drunk people refuse to stop dancing around. I won't even have to squint to see the band. I won't come home with a headache from the sheer noise. (Even if it would be fabulous U2 noise...)

After all, the most important things aren't things (or cool concerts).

Bono said it best, "All I want is you."

So, we will watch U2 videos and maybe even a concert on DVD tonight with an audience of 2. Me and my hubby.

And we can pick our own playlist.

And dance like no one is watching. 'Cuz they aren't.

So Mike, this video's for you. It seems so appropriate after all we've been through. Because who needs all the riches in the world when you have the love of your life right here in your arms? All I want is you.


  1. My SIL and her fam just went to see them tonight. They live in AZ too.

    That last paragraph was very sweet.

  2. Hang tough. You're right, no drunks, no traffic, no ringing in your ears for an hour after, no babysitter costing a fortune. Does that help.

  3. Diana, I feel your pain! Every time I've had an opportunity to go to a U2 concert in the past, I've either been super pregnant or had a brand-new baby. This year they came to FL but it conflicted with our son's baptism date. Will I ever get to see Bono live?? :)

  4. yeah, it was awful. you probably wouldn't have liked it, what with all the... songs... and stuff.