Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sick Days

temperatures and Tylenol
raspy coughs and teary, bleary eyes
dimmed lights and sleepless nights
anxious sighs and lullaby's
hugging arms that wish to take the hurt away

PBS Kids mornings and Disney movie afternoons
story books and cozy blankets
cooling baths and warm, steamy showers
more liquids and less dinner
extra prayers and teddy bears
thankful hearts when ails depart

These are what sick days are made of.


  1. So sorry. I hope he is better ASAP.

  2. That stinks! Hope you guys are better soon. Love your cute tee-shirts!

  3. Poor kids! We're experiencing a bit of that over here too. I think it's hardest on the mommies! Hope everyone feels better soon.

  4. Get better everyone! (((Hugs))) from California

  5. Get better soon! Such a cute post of something usually not so 'cute'. :) Love your writing.

  6. love the poem. hope that was the last of your sicknesses