Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flowery Tee Makeover

before washing

I have seen several tutorials for making over a simple tee shirt into something a bit more feminine and flowery. I found this tutorial at Hope Studios and my sisters, mom and I tried it out. I ended up putting seven rosettes on my shirt.

after washing

The flowers shrink up a bit after washing, so if it looks too full, know it will thin out a bit. The shirts turned out so cute and still look great after a few washes. After washing, the petals crinkle a bit more. This was a simple project. It took about an hour total to finish, and there was no machine sewing involved. If you are a bit intimidated by all of the clothing refashioning that is the big craze right now, this is a perfect starter project.

Here I am in my new cute tee with my cute family. I'm in San Diego, so that would explain the big, cheesy grin.

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